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We are a team of legal professionals  that develops  strategies  for the  advice and representation in matters related to the couple, the children and the family. We address family conflicts from the civil, family, criminal and business areas.  The success of our work lies in a team of lawyers specialized in different areas of law with extensive knowledge of the family and its different legal, psychological and social contexts. We are interested in the empowerment of our consultants,  the satisfaction of their rights and the effective solution of their conflicts. 


Become an organization  competitive and recognized nationally and internationally in providing comprehensive legal services for families. Attend the needs of our consultants at a preventive level, in mediation and judicial representation, as the case may be. Achieve the reestablishment of rights by ensuring the care of ties in the family.

Work team

The Family Connection Lawyers team is made up of professionals specialized in Civil and Business Law, Family Criminal Law, and Family, Childhood, Youth and Old Age Law.


Sonia Rocio

Gomez Guerrero

Family Connection Director

Family right


Master in Family Counseling and Family Program Management,

Conciliatory Attorney.


Franco Ramiro

Gomez Burgos

Civil, business and administrative law

Specialist in commercial and administrative law, business lawyer.

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Victor Alfonso

Orozco Collazos

Criminal and Disciplinary Law

Specialist in Criminal Law and criminal cassation. Trial lawyer.

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