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The practice of the profession has been developed mainly as a litigation lawyer in Family Courts, Family Commissioners, Notaries, Colombian Institute of Family Welfare - ICBF, Conciliation Centers, among others.

Under the motto of "The family does not break, it transforms" it has managed to resolve, among others, the parental conflicts of children and adolescents in the separation of the couple.

Due to his ongoing training on current issues in law and family intervention, he has participated in workshops, seminars and conferences  in several Latin American countries.

In recognition of his experience in the international restitution of children in countries such as Mexico, the United States, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, he has  been appointed as an Expert Consultant in Family Law before the British Court; and as an honorary member of AMPMS - Mexico.  

He is part of interdisciplinary teams of family consulting for conflict management.

Professional titles:

• Lawyer from the Santiago de Cali University, 1997
• Specialist in Communication Law of the Pontifical
      Javeriana University of Bogotá - 2000 
• Diploma in Conciliation from the National Bar Association
    from Bogotá - 2005
• Specialist in Family, Childhood, Youth and Old Age of the
          Rosario University - 2008
• Master in Family Counseling and Program Management for the
     family at the Institute of the Family of  the University of the        sheet  - 2017

• Expert in Parental Coordination at UDIMA -Spain 2019

Professional titles:

• Director of Family Connection 
• Founding Collegiate of the Interdisciplinary College of Family Professionals, from 2007 to date.
• Member of the International Association of Family Law Jurists AIJUDEFA.
• Honorary Advisor of the AMPMFS - Mexico

• Honorary member of the Colombian Association of Criminology ACC

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